1.1.  The Park Lane Club is a proprietary club, the proprietor of which is Silverbond Enterprises Ltd, located at 22 Park Lane, Mayfair, London, W1K 1BE (hereinafter called the Proprietor).

1.2.  The Proprietor will provide the Club with the premises and all reasonable necessities for carrying on the Club in accordance with its objects and these Rules.

1.3.  The Proprietor will be solely responsible for all expenses connected therein, and, through regular and special meetings of The Board of Directors and the action of the Board’s duly elected Company Officers, shall have entire control of all matters connected with the Club except as otherwise stated below.

1.4.  Membership fees, subscriptions and all other payments by members and guests shall belong to the Proprietor.

2.1.  The objectives of the Club are the association of people of good character, as members of a non-political social club and the provision of club premises for social entertainment, gaming and refreshment, in accordance with the law, for the members and their guests.

3.1.  Subject to the overall control of the Proprietor, the Club shall be under the control of a Management Committee, (hereinafter referred to as the Committee), which shall exercise the powers given to it by these Rules and such other powers of management which, from time to time, will be granted by the Proprietor.

3.2.  The Committee shall be appointed by the Proprietor and shall consist of executives and management.

3.3.  The duration of the terms of office of all Committee members will be decided by the Proprietor.

3.4.  The Committee will meet regularly on matters concerning the Club.

3.5. The Committee may from time to time, repeal, or amend these Rules as necessary for the well-being of the Club and its members.  Any Rules, or Regulations so decided, shall be binding on the members.

4.1.  The grant of membership is at the sole discretion of the Committee or other nominated persons.  Once granted members are bound by these Club Rules.

4.2.  Membership of the Club is open to any person of good character and not less than 18 years of age.

4.3.  To join the Club all applicants must complete a membership application form and must provide all information requested by the Proprietor, including photographic proof of identity, proof of nationality and proof of their residential address.  However, as detailed in the GC guidance for AML for casinos documents issued by government departments and agencies that contain a photograph may be considered reliable. ‘Production of a valid passport or photocard driving licence should enable most individuals to meet the identification requirement for AML/CTF purposes. These documents will also confirm either residential address or date of birth’. However, from time to time we may request further documentation for CDD purposes.

4.4.  Once an application form and suitable identification has been submitted to the Club, the details verified, recorded and considered, a member of the Committee or other nominated person may determine a membership application by approving, rejecting or granting the application, either before entry is permitted for the first visit or at any other time thereafter.

4.5.  The Committee shall not be bound to give any reason for any decision.

4.6.  At the discretion of the Proprietor, or as identified by law or regulation, a period may need to elapse before an applicant is permitted the full privileges of membership. Where such a condition applies, the applicant shall be informed of any restrictions so imposed.

4.7.  Membership of the Club is subject to a discretionary Annual Membership Fee, being such sum as the Committee may decide from time to time.  Such fees may only be waived by the Committee under direction from the Proprietor.  The amount of any such fee is available on request.

4.8.  Membership is taken to be for life, albeit this may be reviewed from time to time.

4.9.  Members may resign their membership at any time by giving the Proprietor written notice of the resignation.

4.10. The Proprietor, in its absolute discretion at any time, without notice or explanation, can suspend or cancel any Membership and shall not be bound to give any reason for any decision

5.       GUESTS
5.1.  Members may at the sole discretion of the Committee or other nominated person introduce guests to the Club.

5.2.  The number of guests a member may introduce at any one time will be determined by the Management’s assessment of the member’s ability to control and monitor the conduct of the guests within the Club.  Prior arrangements must be made by a member with the Management for parties of 10 or more guests.

5.3.  Any member introducing a guest(s) must accompany their guest(s) at all times whilst on the Club premises.  Members must not leave the premises before their guests, without the prior agreement of the Proprietor.  The sponsoring member shall be responsible as a principal for the actions of his guest and for the observance of the Rules of the Club by such guest.

5.4.  Management may any time and without giving any reason refuse admission to or require any guests already admitted to leave the premises.  The introducing member shall be responsible for compliance with such a decision.

5.5.  No member or guest may participate in gaming on behalf of any other person who is not present on the Club premises.

5.6.  All guests must be no less than 18 years of age.

6.1.  The Proprietor is a member of the National Casinos Forum and operates industry-supported policies intended to help players enjoy their gambling responsibly and to play within their means.

6.2.  The Club is also bound by the Social Responsibility requirements of the Gambling Act 2005 (“GA2005”) and the Gambling Commission’s Licence Conditions & Codes of Practice (“LCCP”)

6.3.  In accordance with the Gambling Commission’s LCCP, the Proprietor participates in the UK casinos self-exclusion scheme, SENSE.  SENSE provides an option to any member to self-exclude from all casinos in the UK for a minimum period of 6 months.

6.4.  The Proprietor will to the best of its ability to prevent the entry to the Club of any person who enrols in the SENSE agreement. However, it remains the primary responsibility of individuals to adhere to the terms of a self-exclusion agreement.  As such, the Proprietor shall not be liable for any loss incurred by any member or guest who nevertheless gambles during such self-exclusion period. Any stake and any winnings arising during a period of self-exclusion will be forfeited, and any losses incurred will not be reimbursed.

6.5.  Persons under the age of 18 are strictly forbidden to enter the premises at any time.  The Proprietor operates a strict Challenge 21 policy which requires any person appearing under the age of 21 to provide valid photographic ID as a proof of age.

6.6.  In consideration of us permitting entry to this casino, the following terms are applicable to, and binding upon, (a) persons entering or seeking to enter this casino who self-exclude from gambling or have self-excluded from gambling via SENSE and (b) any third party who gambles in this casino on behalf of any such person:

1) Persons who self-exclude (or have self-excluded) via SENSE agree not to enter or attempt to enter any casino premises (and not to seek, request, procure or otherwise encourage any third party to enter or attempt to enter any casino premises to gamble on their behalf) whilst enrolled on the SENSE scheme and, should any such person do so or attempt to do so otherwise than to exercise his or her right to be removed from SENSE, he or she will be considered to have breached that agreement.

2) Neither this casino nor the company that operates this casino (or any of its staff) will be liable for any matter whatsoever if any person who has self-excluded via SENSE enters, or any third party on his or her behalf enters, this casino whilst self-excluded through the SENSE scheme and he or she is and/or any such third party is able to gamble.

3) Persons who self-exclude (or have self-excluded) via SENSE accept and agree that if they gamble, or if any third party on their behalf gambles, in this casino whilst they are enrolled with SENSE, otherwise than in circumstances considered by the management of this casino in their sole discretion to be exceptional:

(a) money or money’s worth staked by them, or by any such third party on their behalf, and any winnings arising therefrom will be forfeited and

(b) gambling losses incurred by them, or by any such third party where they have gambled on their behalf, will not be reimbursed.

4) In the above respect, “money or money’s worth staked” includes (without limitation) not only money, money’s worth, gambling chips and/or tokens paid to and accepted by this casino in respect of a gambling transaction but also

(a) gambling chips and/or tokens in respect of which, in advance of any gambling transaction taking place, money and/or money’s worth has been exchanged and/or

(b) money, money’s worth, gambling chips and/or tokens which have been inserted into a gaming machine or gambling terminal (whether or not any gambling transaction has taken place).

7.1.  The Proprietor will, as part of its regulatory obligations, require members and guests to produce identification which is acceptable to the Proprietor on entering the Club or when gambling or transacting at certain threshold levels (to be determined by the Proprietor as required by current Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) legislation).

7.2.  As part of its verification processes and to ensure compliance with Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) legislation, the Proprietor may conduct checks on the information provided by members and guests with a recognised identity verification/fraud prevention agency and may be verified with trusted external third party due diligence service providers.

7.3.  The Proprietor may, as part of its regulatory obligations, seek information relating to the source of members’ and guests’ wealth and funds which may be used for gaming transactions or in connection with any other business relationship.  Such information may be requested and must be provided by the member or guest, at the time of an application for membership and/or from time to time during the period of membership

7.4.  The Proprietor reserves the right not to proceed with any transaction and/or to freeze any monies in its possession until such time that (i) The Proprietor has obtained the required information to its sole satisfaction and (ii) The Proprietor has completed any other processes that may be required under current Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) legislation.

7.5.  Where any knowledge or suspicion of unlawful activity is identified, the Club reserves the right in its absolute discretion, to withhold funds until such reasonable time as an investigation has been concluded.

7.6.  The Proprietor will provide gaming facilities for its members and guests and will act in good faith at all times; any member or guest cheating within the meaning of Section 42 of the Gambling Act 2005 or involved in the illicit activity on the premises may forego any winnings, stakes, and rewards accrued under any reward programme.

7.7.  The Proprietor reserves the right to refuse any person to carry any bags or other articles into the Club.


8.       FINANCIAL
8.1.  In accordance with the requirements of the Gambling Commission’s LCCP, customers are advised that any and all of their funds held on deposit would not be protected in the event of the Proprietor’s insolvency.  This is a BASIC level of funds protection in accordance with Gambling Commission ratings.  For further information see This includes all monies held in customer accounts whether, through transfer, chip or cash deposited or funds in a player’s account that has been earned, or where loyalty or other rewards have been accrued and not yet paid.

8.2.  Whenever a customer has drawn on a facility, any outstanding cheques must be redeemed before the Company will issue winners’ cheques, cash or a fund transfer.

8.3.  The Proprietor, or another nominated person, may, at their sole discretion, withhold from customers the payment of stakes and/or winnings and/or rewards for the purposes of recovery (in whole, or in part) of outstanding debts owed by the customer to the Proprietor.

8.4.  If a membership is terminated, either by the member or by the Club, the member will forfeit all and any rewards that may have been attributed to their play. Any payment(s) or refusal of payment(s) will be the sole discretion of the Club.


9.1.  The proprietor will process (collect, store and use) the information you provide in a manner that is compatible with the European Union’s current General Data Protection Regulation (“EU GDPR”).

9.2.  To find out what personal data is collected and how it is managed, please see the Company Privacy Policy which forms part of your application and must be accepted to become a member.

9.3.  Members and guests agree not to hold the Proprietor liable for information released to third parties or used by the Proprietor in accordance with our legal or regulatory obligations.

9.4.  All members shall have their privacy respected and unwelcome intrusions, such as seeking autographs, are forbidden. Guests and members are required to respect the confidentiality of other members’ matters which are conducted on the Club premises.

9.5.  No member shall use the name of the Club for any form of advertising whatsoever, whether a reference to the Club or membership of the Club is made on notepaper, business cards, business premises or in any way whatsoever.

9.6.  The Club will share information or qualified suspicion about criminal acts committed in the Club by members and/or their guests with other proprietary gaming operators.

9.7.  Members and guests may not use any recording device, comprising either imagery or audio or both, on the premises and may not use any device that transmits live imagery from inside the Club or of its staff or customers external to the premises.

10.   GAMING

10.1. The Rules of the Games are displayed within the Club and are available for inspection.

10.2. No game of hazard or chance shall be played in the Club otherwise than in accordance with the Statutes and Regulations applicable thereto.

10.3. Electronic devices for the use in or to assist with gaming, whether used overtly or covertly, are expressly prohibited.

10.4. Mobile telephones may not be used whilst gaming at/or in the proximity of any gaming tables, or gaming machines.

10.5. Gaming chips and tokens issued by the Club remain the property of the Club and must be returned or redeemed (as appropriate) on demand.

10.6. From time to time the Club may operate rewards programmes.  Unless specifically stated, any accrued rewards attributed to a Customer through a rewards program are solely indicative of the benefit that a customer at the discretion of the Club may receive and do not in any way represent a financial obligation on behalf of the Club or an asset of the customer.

10.7. At the discretion of the Club, the whole, or a portion of any accrued rewards may offset against any expenses and/or benefits incurred by members, their guests or associates, including fulfilling regulatory and legal obligations.

11.1. Members and their guests whose personal attire is unacceptable to Management may be refused entry.

11.2. Animals are not allowed in the Club, except for Guide Dogs.

11.3. Social relationships between members or guests and staff members are strictly forbidden.

11.4. Neither the Proprietor nor the employees of the Proprietor can be held liable for any financial or personal loss or reputational damage caused to any persons or entities, whilst properly executing its legal and regulatory obligations.

11.5. The Proprietor, nor the employees of the Proprietor, cannot be held responsible for the loss of members’ or guests’ property whilst on the premises, whether the property has been entrusted to the care of the Club or to any of its servants or agents, whether the loss arises by negligence or otherwise.

11.6. Complimentary Wi-Fi service is offered to customers. Those who choose to utilize this service must accept the Proprietor’s Terms of Use Policy.  The Proprietor is not liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by using this service and will not be held responsible for any such outcome.


12.1. Complaints or suggestions must be made to the Management of the Club.  The conduct of any servant shall not be the subject of any personal reprimand by any member or Guest.

12.2. Any dispute that has not been resolved upon initial contact and has been escalated to a complaint must be raised with the Club and the Management.  A customer may place a complaint up to 6 months after the issue.  The complaints process must follow a formal internal process and details of this process are available to all customers.

12.3. The Club Management will endeavour to resolve the dispute within 8 weeks of the said complaint being made.

12.4. Any dispute unable to be resolved via the Club’s internal dispute policy (further information available within the Club) may be referred to the Clubs Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider – Independent Panel for Casino and Arbitration at

12.5. Full details of the process in its entirety are available for all customers should they require.

13.   LIQUOR
13.1. Subject to any conditions imposed on the Premises Licence, intoxicating liquor shall only be sold to members, their guests or persons admitted with the permission of the Proprietor.

13.2. The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club will be permitted during the general licensing hours in force within the licensing area or such other hours as may be granted by application to the local authority and subject in any event to the conditions endorsed on the Premises Licence granted in respect of the Club.

13.3. A 12.5% discretionary service charge will be applied to all food and beverage bills which will, less an administration fee, be shared equally by the food and beverage staff,


14.1. From time to time, the Proprietor may add, alter or revoke these Rules. The Rules can be found on the Proprietor’s website and are displayed at Reception, therefore any additions, alterations or revocations shall be considered to have been brought to the attention of members.

14.2. The Committee shall be the sole authority for interpreting the Rules of the Club, and for settling any disputes relating to the affairs of the Club, and the conduct of the members or their guests in relation thereto.  Any question arising as to the rights or powers or duties of the Proprietor in relation to the Club shall be solely determined by the Proprietor.

14.3. A person in any way aggrieved or affected by any act, decision, refusal, direction or recommendation performed, made, taken or announced under the Rules for the time being in force by the Proprietor, or any  Officer of the Club, or the Committee or any members of them or an account of any omission on their or any of their parts shall not have any remedy or right of redress and shall not make any claim whatsoever against the aforementioned Proprietor, the Directors, the Officers of the Club, the Committee, or any member or members or any of them on any ground whatsoever.

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