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Festive Entertainment in Mayfair

Experience the magic of Mayfair's festive season with our exclusive casino facilities. Immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of iconic blue Christmas lights. Indulge in cultural richness and luxury shopping, and culminate your day at Park Lane Club London for thrilling gaming and exclusive dining.

A Glittering Wonderland and More

Mayfair, synonymous with elegance and opulence in London, is gearing up for the enchanting festive season. Just like last year when Mayfair and Belgravia adorned the streets in mesmerising blue, this year promises an even grander spectacle of Christmas lights.

From November 16, Mayfair will once again be decorated with the iconic blue Christmas lights, illuminating the pedestrianised streets in a captivating display of festive magic. But Mayfair's commitment to the holiday spirit goes beyond lights alone; it takes the festivities to the next level.

As you stroll along Mayfair's streets, you'll encounter the enchanting Oxford Street Christmas lights, featuring an astonishing 63,000 bulbs. Amidst this shimmering spectacle, don't forget to explore the inviting wooden chalets, perfect for sipping a cup of hot chocolate while soaking in the warmth of the holiday season.

And for those environmentally conscious, Mayfair has taken responsible steps to ensure sustainability. Energy-efficient bulbs and timers are employed to make sure that the Christmas lights not only look splendid but also conserve energy, aligning with a commitment to a greener future.

Mayfair's Christmas lights are more than just illuminations; they are a testament to the city's festive spirit, creating a magical atmosphere that beckons residents and visitors alike to bask in the enchantment of London's Christmas lights.

Discovering Liberty, Fortnum & Mason, and More

For those seeking cultural richness and exquisite shopping experiences, Liberty London and Fortnum & Mason are must-visit destinations.

Liberty London, established in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty, embodies art, culture, and design. The store itself is a masterpiece, crafted from oak timber sourced from historic naval ships. Liberty is known for its architectural beauty and support for emerging designers and British brands.

Located conveniently in Soho, Liberty offers a serene escape from London's festive chaos, immersing you in sophistication. If you're in the mood for holiday shopping, the nearby Berwick Street Market is perfect for Christmas shoppers, enhancing your Liberty experience.

On the other hand, Fortnum & Mason, with more than 300 years of luxury tradition, awaits at 181 Piccadilly. This iconic establishment offers chinaware, opulent tea rooms, and a remarkable array of chocolates. The experience of indulging in Fortnum & Mason's famous afternoon tea is unparalleled.

After your cultural exploration at Liberty London or indulging in the opulence of Fortnum & Mason, consider adding excitement to your day.

Following your visit to these iconic destinations, a trip to Park Lane Club London in the heart of Mayfair would be the perfect addition. Our casino offers thrilling gaming experiences in a luxurious setting, providing entertainment and excitement to round off your Mayfair visit.

Skating at Somerset House and The Gingerbread City

Skate at Somerset House offers a classic ice skating experience in London, set in the neoclassical courtyard of Somerset House, with breathtaking views of the Thames and London's Southbank.

For a unique adventure, consider visiting The Gingerbread City in Belgravia. This whimsical village, crafted entirely from gingerbread, icing, and candy, showcases the creativity of more than 100 architects, designers, artists, and engineers.

After your ice skating or gingerbread adventure, head over to our exclusive food and drink section at Park Lane Club Lounge. Here, Executive Chef Brahim Hamadouche and his culinary team have created enticing casino and lounge menus. Enjoy a wide selection of your favourite drinks in our relaxed and intimate bar, featuring signature cocktails crafted by our expert mixologist, as well as a fine selection of whiskies, cognacs, and champagnes from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Oxford Street stands out as one of London's most renowned locations to witness the enchanting Christmas lights.

In Mayfair, you'll discover an impressive mile-long display of Christmas lights adorning South Molton Street, Brook Street, and Avery Row, adding a seasonal sparkle to the area.

Liberty London sells luxury womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, accessories, home furnishings, haberdashery, fabrics, and more.

A heritage-listed London icon, Liberty is celebrated for its innovative design, cultural collaborations, and curated offerings.

Liberty is globally renowned for its vibrant and floral print fabrics, making it a perfect fit for distinctive handmade kitchen designs.

Fortnum & Mason's flagship store is located at 181 Piccadilly, a historical site for more than 300 years. Smaller outposts can be found at St Pancras International, The Royal Exchange, Heathrow Terminal 5, and recently in Hong Kong's K11 MUSEA.

Absolutely! Fortnum & Mason is a remarkable historic establishment, offering high-quality and unique goods. It's renowned for its teas, sweets, chocolates, and delectable delights.

Fortnum & Mason, with a rich history dating back to 1707, is the UK's oldest department store, originally a grocery store before expanding into retail.

The Somerset House ice rink covers an expansive 900-square-metre outdoor area, perfect for festive fun. While you're there, you can also indulge in the offerings at Fortnum's Lodge, including champagne, mulled wine, and winter dining.

Gingerbread City comprises more than 60 gingerbread buildings designed and crafted by architects, designers, and engineers. It serves as a playful platform to ignite conversations about the future of our built environment.

While the symbolism of gingerbread men has evolved over time, they are often associated with the holiday season. Originally, they were believed to bring good luck in marriage, and later, they became a representation of the baby Jesus in Christmas traditions.

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