The Park Lane Club London (PLC) is committed to upholding the three main objectives of the Gambling Act 2005 and the requirements under the Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice.

Within this legislation lies strict guidance in relation to gambling related harm.For most, gambling is a leisure activity that is enjoyed safely, however, occasionally gambling can cause harm.

‘Responsible Gambling’ is a term used to cover all aspects of the gaming operation which promotes and encourages responsible behaviour by casino customers by giving them relevant and clear information so that they are able to make informed choices.

PLC makes information available, to all customers, on how to gamble responsibly and how to access information about problem gambling, and how to get help in relation to problem gambling.

We understand that issues can arise around gambling and losing control can affect relationships, friendships and perhaps your job. We at PLC are committed to helping our customers remain in control and enjoy gaming in a safe environment where help, advice and support are available when required.

Are you developing a problem with your gambling?

  • Have you put at risk important or significant relationships, educational studies, a job or your career because of gambling?
  • Do you chase losses by quickly returning to gamble when on a losing streak?
  • When you win, do you have a strong desire to return and win more?
  • Do you ever gamble until you have completely run out of money?
  • Have you lied, stolen or borrowed to get money for gambling?
  • Are you reluctant to spend gambling money on anything else?
  • Do you ever gamble for longer than you had planned?
  • Do you ever gamble to escape worry, trouble, disappointment or frustration?
  • Do you feel depressed or suicidal because of your gambling?
  • Are you in debt because of your gambling?
  • Have you ever sold your own or your family’s possessions to get money to gamble or to pay gambling debts?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be at risk of developing a problem.

Problem gambling can affect anyone. We want our customers to stay in control and gamble within their means. Our approachable and highly trained staff are happy to assist and provide information about help that is available.

There are a number of options that can be implemented to help you get your gambling under control:

Take Responsibility – Accepting that you need to take control is the crucial first step.
Talk About It – Talk to someone you trust or call the GamCare helpline for confidential advice.
Set Limits – Make a commitment before you start playing to set yourself a limit on how much time and money you will spend and keep to it.
Be Honest – Stop hiding your gambling or keeping your gambling a secret.
Take Short Breaks – Just having a ‘reality’ break can help you to see things differently. You’ll feel better for it.
Talk to us – If you are concerned about your gambling to speak with one of our Casino Managers. As experienced industry professionals, they understand and can help you.

Help and advice

The application below is free to download and gives free help and advice.

Gambling Therapy App

Self-Enrolment National Self Exclusion scheme (SENSE)

SENSE allows people, who believe they have a problem with their gambling, to voluntarily enrol in a scheme to exclude themselves nationally from all land-based casinos in the UK.

SENSE Information
SENSE Leaflet & Enrolment Form

External organisations

Gam-Anon – Relatives of problem gamblers may also attend meetings of Gam-Anon, which aim to provide assistance and help people rebuild lives.
08700 50 88 80 |

GamCare – Offers free face-to-face counselling, including for members of player’s family. GamCare operates the National Gambling Helpline, which offers free support by phone or online. The helpline is open 7 days a week, 8am to midnight.
0808 8020 133 |

Gamble Aware – Provides information to help people make informed decisions about their gambling, what responsible gambling means and to show you where to go for further information, help and support. National Gambling Helpline Freephone 8am-midnight 7 days a week
0808 8020 133 |

Gordon Moody Association – Has a residential programme where problem gamblers receive help to recover and reintegrate into society. Gordon Moody has also launched a 12-week programme for female problem gamblers, which includes residential retreats, online and face-to-face therapy.
01384 241 292 |

The UK Insolvency Helpline – Free advice on financial problems.
0800 074 6918 |

National Debtline – Free independent and confidential advice on money and debt problem.
0808 808 4000 |